The traffic alarm that saves lives

With Safedrive Pro, you can avoid accidents, tickets, and having your driver’s license suspended. While driving, you will receive warnings to avoid animals, obstacles, and police checks alongside the road. Our service is lifesaving, and we currently have over 60.000 satisfied customers.

Increased traffic safety

We provide danger warnings and a 100% satisfaction guarantee

8 of 10 drives too fast

Safedrive makes you more aware of your own driving – and alerts you when needed!

Cancel whenever you want

Our traffic alarm service is charged on a monthly basis. You can cancel your subscription at any time

Drive safe anywhere

We notify all inspections under the auspices of the Police, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and the Norwegian Customs, with the exception of alcohol- and drug testing

Alerts throughout Europe

Making the roads safe – for everyone! Our services work in all of Europe. Check the list of countries we provide our services to here

Tiny – but smart. Safedrive Pro helps you see what lies ahead.

Making the roads safe – for everyone!

Speed and excitement have always affected my behavior in traffic. After a year of having my driver’s license suspended, I realized the importance of having a “road assistant” in my car that could assist me in reducing my need for speed. After using Safedrive Pro for a while, I’ve noticed that I’m becoming a safer and more conscientious driver.

Mathias Nervik


I’ve avoided collisions with several elks while driving through Dovrefjell, and I’m convinced that Safedrive has saved my own life as well as the elks’. It’s also worth noting that I was warned of an impending obstacle in the road – in a situation where I would have normally driven at 80 kmph, this situation almost certainly saved many lives. I am really grateful for Safedrive.

Lise Hermanstad


I was driving from Bergen to Florø in my truck. After a few cold days, the conditions on the roads started to become difficult to handle while driving. Without the warning of an impending obstacle in the road, I would have continued driving at 80 kmph and collided with a massive ice block. “Only God knows” the extent of the damage this chunk of ice could have done to me and my truck. Thanks to Safedrive, I avoided this accident and arrived safely in Florø.

Marita Danielsen


How does control warning contribute to increased traffic safety?

The highway patrols are more visible than ever, but speed, the number of tickets and suspended driver’s licenses keeps on increasing. According to Safedrive’s own surveys, the statistics of increased suspended licenses do not correlate with a positive change in behaviour in traffic. It’s simple: Even though the presence of police slows drivers in a small geographic area, our drivers continue to slow down as a result of police warnings because they know Safedrive helps them drive safer.

Making the roads safe – for everyone!

Track driving – the best medicine to prevent reckless driving?

Vikingtreffet, in Gol, was organized for the seventh year in a row by 4x4 Norway. Safedrive was, of course, present to see, participate and have fun with small and big vehicles.

An eventful year for Safedrive: – We look forward to making traffic even safer

A new danger warning function, increased sales and celebrity visits were among the highlights for the Namsos-based company in 2021.
Politiet + Safedrive = Sammen om tryggere trafikk

Safedrive and the police partners up to prevent reckless driving

After a January with a log full of reports of concerns about reckless driving, the local police in Overhalla and Høylandet are fed up. Together with Safedrive and NMK Namdal in Central Norway, they are now taking action – in hope of slowing down the high speed driving culture in the region.